Professor Anders was one of those older women who just never lost the Ummmmphhh God gave em. She was maybe in her late 50’s, classically graying hair, classy dress that only hinted at the body underneath. Best of all though, were those legs; Long, Tina Turner, Ya-So-I’m-Older-But-I-Still-Look-Damn-Good legs. I would sit in class every day and imagine feeling those legs on my shoulders.

Peeking through the foliage. . . I made my way into the back yard. It was truly amazing, when I went to bed I didn’t have a yard like this. Now I found myself winding my way through an over grown garden that was much bigger then my yard ever […]

My muse, lying so still on the quilted sheets, stripped nude and waiting for my attentions. Her skin so soft and white, so ready to be my story, so wanting the words. Her breath is short and excited. She doesn’t know what is to come tonight. She will be so […]

She was his precious white rose. His virgin flesh to have and take as he would. Dressed in a white gown, white gloves, white shoes and stockings, white under the breast corset, white rose mask and of course, white satin panties, she was pure for me. The candles around her […]

He bent her over and slid his cock in inch by inch. It took several times sliding it back out to get her pussy stretched enough to take his full 11 inches. . .the shaft glistening with her cum as he slid it back and allowed her to adjust her […]

As he waited for her plane to get there, Ron went over and over what he wanted to say . . . to do. . .he wanted it to be perfect. He had waited so long to meet her, he was suddenly very nervous. It had to be perfect. The […]

I saw her in the waterfall from across the azure lake. The water was like glass so it reflected her perfectly as she washed herself. In this lonely place I am sure she expected to be alone but I was here and I watched. I watched and I must say, […]

As his hands glided over her skin he marveled at the colors. A deep brown color with so many variations. The baby oil brought out darker shadows and golden hues so that she almost seemed to scintillate under his touch. His hands slid down and cupped one of her breasts. […]

I am sitting here looking at my wife covered in cum and sweat laying between two of my best friends on my bed. The funny thing is that looking at her I am getting hard all over again and want to fuck her really bad. It started when Ben and […]

She stepped onto the school bus and peered into the shadows. It was even darker in here then outside, the long shadows of midnight making the inside of the bus seem somehow sinister. She had expected him to be here, he had told her to meet him here at midnight […]