Semper Fi

I am sitting here looking at my wife covered in cum and sweat laying between two of my best friends on my bed. The funny thing is that looking at her I am getting hard all over again and want to fuck her really bad.

It started when Ben and Kyle came to visit me. We were assigned together when I was in the Marine corps and we became best of friends. Since our discharge we have all gone our separate ways but, the bond we shared cannot be broken. I know now that it never will be after tonight.

My wife Carrie and I had them over for pizza and beer. A little more beer then pizza actually. All four of us were sitting around watching stupid reruns on TV and laughing and joking around. We were having a great time and then we saw a commercial for one of those phone sex lines and I swear the girl in the commercial looked just like a girl the three of us had fucked on a trip to New York City one time. This blonde with huge tits and a blow job mouth that wanted all three of us at the same time. I guess I wasn’t the only one who saw the resemblance and soon the three of us were telling my wife the story of gang banging this girl. All three of us at once. She took one up her ass, one in her pussy and sucked the other. When we got done with her she couldn’t move except to smile at us and say Semper Fi!

Carrie is a sexy woman. She is 5’6″ 125lbs, with big 36D titties and a face like an angel. Her long brown hair frames her face just right so that I get a hard on just looking at her even after being married for 5 years. Her pussy is always shaved bare and smooth to the touch and her big nipples are always hard it seems. She is always ready to fuck. Anytime, anywhere, just name the place. I guess she was getting jealous of us talking about the woman we gang fucked cause she starts saying it was no big deal, she would leave the three of us unable to move with big smiles on our face saying Carrie Fi! She laughs and sits back but I see she has her shoulders pulled back a little more and her tits sticking out.

That’s a sure way to tell that my hunny’s horny as a mother fucker, when she sticks her tits out like that. Her nipples were so hard they were nearly ripping through her shirt. I could see my friends staring at them too and knew they were all thinking the same thing.

There was this awkward moment of silence when no one knew quite what to say and I wasn’t sure I wanted things to go forward. But looking at my wife all I could see was how much she wanted this and how much I wanted to see her do it. “We got a challenge to the honor of the corps boys!” I called out and they started smiling. “Semper Fi?” I asked extending my hand to them. They both grabbed my hand and we all yelled in unison, “Semper Fi!” And started stripping off our clothes. Carrie stood up and joined us, pulling her top and bra over head in one move and then sliding out of her jeans so fast she was naked before my pants hit the ground. She reached down and started playing with her pussy as she watched us strip, watching like a kid at Christmas each of us pull our shorts down and take out our tools.

Ben was gonna be on bottom and get her sweet pussy. Ben was a meat hound, pussy was all her could fuck without killing the poor girl with that huge thing. He was over 10 inches and thick, he’d rip her ass to shreds and choke her if she sucked him so he got pussy detail. I wanted her ass. My wife has a sweet, tight ass and I love to fuck it whenever I get the chance. Kyle was just as happy to get her face, his 6 inch tool rock hard and standing straight up at attention for inspection. Carrie climbed on Ben and slid halfway down his shaft and had to pull up a little. She was stretched tight. After another couple bounces she had almost all of it in her and was screaming all ready. I was taking spit and making my cock slippery for her ass and Kyle was watching, stroking himself. Ben grabs her tits and starts sucking on her huge nipples and my wife starts going nuts. She was sliding up and down that huge piece of meat like a pro now, taking every inch in and grinding against him to feel it all each time.

I pushed her forward and lubed her ass a little with spit and then pressed my cock head against her little brown eye. It was so tight. Her pussy was so stretched by Ben that her ass was like a vice. She screamed and squealed but never said stop as I pushed my cock head into her and my 7 inches buried itself deep into her ass. We stopped for a second to let her get used to it and adjust herself. Then she went totally nutso wild. She starts riding both of us like a fuckin pro and her ass is clenching on my cock each time she fucks down onto it. By this time Kyle has grabbed her long brown hair and is using it like a handle to hold her face still so he can fuck it. She don’t always like that but, when she is in the mood she loves her face fucked like a slut. Kyle was doing just that. Sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and holding her hair and telling her what a dirty little slut she was. She was going crazy.

Her ass felt so good I knew I wasn’t long for it. She was milking me with each bounce and I couldn’t hold back long. Kyle was moaning big time and I knew how good her mouth was when she got into sucking a cock, he was gonna cum soon too. Ben wasn’t making a sound and when I looked his eyes were closed and he was biting his lip and making his mean face. . . .he was getting ready to blow too. My baby was cumming over and over taking on our three cocks. She had cum once already and was cumming a second time then and the tightening of her muscles was too much for me. I had to pull out and start stroking myself off. As soon as I was out she jumped off Ben and knelt down in front of us and Ben stood up and we all three jerked off standing around her.

Kyle came first and shot a huge spurt of cum across her face and tits. She was licking and sucking at his cock and then I shot my load too. A second later Ben erupted like a volcano and spewed cum on her from head to toe. She stroked and sucked and licked each of us until there was no cum left in us. . . my little baby milked us all dry. She knelt there covered in cum for a few minutes letting us get a good view of her. She loves to show off. Then she lay down on the floor and pulled Ben and Kyle down next to her and let them rub the cum all over her body. I stood over them watching and she looked me right in the eye and smiled at me. My baby is so sexy. We were all spent and tired after that, well except her. I guess the only thing left to say for us then was “Carrie Fi”. My baby is so sexy.