Mustang Susan

As he waited for her plane to get there, Ron went over and over what he wanted to say . . . to do. . .he wanted it to be perfect. He had waited so long to meet her, he was suddenly very nervous. It had to be perfect.

The intercom announced her flight was landing. Ron’s mouth went dry, his palms began to sweat, he felt like he was going to be sick. What if she didn’t like him? What if she thought he was a dweeb? Oh, Jesus….this was a bad idea.

He was on the verge of running. Panic was ripping him a new asshole and he was about to bolt when he paused and thought of her picture. The sound of her voice. All the times they had talked and all the times he had fantasized about meeting a girl like this. He had to stay and see it through, no matter how it turned out.


As soon as he realized he was staying, his fears calmed a little. He was still dry mouthed and his palms were sweaty, but at least he wasn’t shaking any more. He laughed at himself and walked to the exit from the terminal to wait for her.

She was different from her picture. The picture, while sexy and pretty, did nothing to capture the energy of her. The life that just seemed to flow from her. She was smiling and obviously very nervous too as the tram doors swished open and they were face to face across the security rope. They didn’t say anything, they just walked around the end slowly, people pushing past both of them, staring at each other and grinning.

Finally face to face after all this time, they reached out a hand and touched each other for the very first time. She was real . . . she was really there. She smiled and reached out the other hand to touch him and then, without warning, tweaked his nipple.


He cried out and pulled back and laughed. She stuck out her tongue and suddenly the fear was gone. He knew her so well, had known her. She was the same person. He laughed and grabbed her and hugged her tight. She nuzzled her face into his neck and they laughed.

As they waited at the baggage claim area Susan turned to Jim, “Ya know. . .I was so nervous about meeting you, I almost didn’t get off the plane.”

“Really? I wasn’t nervous at all about meeting you. I knew you’d be just like I pictured you.” Jim lied in response.

“You are so full of shit.” She said.

“What? No, I’m not.”

“You were ready to break and run if I said boo. . ..don’t give me that brave he-man bullshit.” She laughed and he had to join in. Yup, was definitely her all right.

“You tweaked my nipple.” He said when their laughter died down.

“Ya…I noticed.” She grinned and looked for her bags.

“I mean, you didn’t even say Hi first. You tweaked my nipple before you even said hi.”


“Ya. . .noticed that too.” She stuck her tongue out at him and went back to looking for her bags.

She leaned over to look past the crowd and down the long conveyer belt. Jim reached down and grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She squeaked and jumped forward and nearly fell onto the belt.

“You grabbed my as.” She said in a hushed tone leaning in close to him.

“Ya, I noticed that shit too.” He said looking for her bags.

“I almost fell onto the conveyer belt.”

“Ya. . .better watch your step there,” Jim replied and stepped forward to look for her bags. “By the way. . .what do your bags look like?”

Susan grinned from ear to ear. Ya, this was definitely Jim. She hugged him close and kissed his cheek. “What was that for?” He asked her.

“Just being you. . .and my bags are blue and tan.” She smiled as he looked and saw they had just passed him. Jim grunted and chased them down.

They clicked well together. It took only a few minutes for that bond they shared on the computer across those many miles to come full force into real life too. They were exactly what they expected to find. Jim took her bags and held her hand as they walked to the elevator. He had known how she’d feel before they ever met. It just felt so good to finally feel it.


The elevator was crowded and they were squished together as it lurched and started to rise up to the parking levels. Feeling her body against him Jim found his thoughts going to all the dirty conversations they had had. All the sexual fantasies they had shared.

Without realizing it, he was suddenly hard as a rock and he knew she felt it too. She grinned at him and kissed him again.

“And that was for. . .?”

“It’s good to see you too.” She said and winked.


Level by level the elevator cleared out. Jim had parked on the 8th level to make sure he got a good spot close to the elevator doors, he wasn’t exactly sure how much she was planning on bringing for a weeks stay and didn’t want to have to carry a huge amount very far.

After the 6th level they were alone in the car but they stayed pushed close. He leaned down and kissed her and she turned to face him and kissed him right back. Their tongues began to probe each others mouths when the bell dinged and the door slid open.

They laughed and kissed one more quickly and stepped out. The level was all but deserted and Jim’s mustang was right there. She remarked what a nice car it was but neither of them really gave a shit about the car at that moment. They both had one thing on their mind.

Opening the trunk, Jim placed her bags inside and slammed it shut. Susan was around the front of the car looking at him and smiling. As Jim walked around to her she sat down on the hood and waited for him.


As he neared she leaned back and let her dirty blonde hair spread over the black glossy hood and stretched out on the car. Jim smiled and watched her as she writhed a lil and then looked at him with an evil grin.

“Did I ever tell you I really like Mustangs?” She asked coyly.

“I think you mentioned it once or twice.” He replied.

“Did I ever tell you that it is a fantasy of mine to be naked on a Mustang in a deserted parking garage. . .out in the open. . .cold air on my nude body . . . and then to be fucked hard so I left a big wet spot on the hood?”

Jim grinned. “Ya know…I seem to recall something about that now that you mention it yes. . .”

Susan undid her top button on her blouse. “Ya? Did I?”

“Ya. Think you did.” Jim smiled and stepped up between her legs.

“And did I also mention that I wanted it to be with stranger? That my fantasy was to be taken and fucked hard by a tall, handsome stranger on the hood of his Mustang?” She giggled and winked at him playfully undoing the second button.

“I’m sorry. . . .Who are you again? I don’t think we know each other.” Jim asked.

“I swear I’ve never met you before.” Jim continued. Susan laughed and undid another button on her blouse.

“Well, . . . my name is Susan. . .and I have to tell you. . .” She pulled off her blouse to reveal her sweet C cup breasts sans bra, hanging free, nipples stiff. “. . .I really like Mustangs.” She dropped her blouse onto the hood. “I like em a lot.”

Jim stepped up and took her legs in his hand and slid her ass back across the hood so she was against him. Her bare breasts against his chest and her legs wrapped around him, lil skirt pushed up by his body.

They began to kiss, deep long slow kisses. Jim’s hands slid over her nude back and then around to her breasts, cupping each one in his hand in turn. Susan moaned and ground her hips against him as he squeezed her and began to kiss her neck.


She undid his zipper as he lowered his face to her hard nipple. His hot mouth contrasting the cold air so well, Susan squealed as he sucked it in and began to nibble it. His other hand grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back making her push her tits out.

Her hands reached in and played with his hard cock inside his pants, pushing the underwear down she pulled it out his fly and began to stroke it. He was good sized, about 7 inches and thick. Her hands ran up and down the shaft admiring it as it got harder and harder.

She reached down and pushed her panties to the side and rubbed the head against her soaking pussy lips. They both moaned as she lined it up, ready to penetrate her. Heels digging into his ass, she raised her hips so he could slide all the way in, balls deep in one smooth thrust.

She lay back on the hood as he fucked her slow and hard. Each full thrust pressing their bodies together and then pulling out until only the head was in her. He would pause then and wait for her to squirm and then thrust back all the way again. She felt her juices squishing out and down her ass onto the hood of the car.


She began to play with her boobs, pulling on he nipples as he fucked her. The more she played, the faster and harder he slammed into her. She was slid on the hood just a lil bit with each fuck, her ass slippery from her juices dripping out.

He grabbed her legs and slid them over his shoulders and began to fuck her deep and fast. She was crying out and Jim hoped no one was listening but, he was beyond the point of caring. He fucked her as fast and hard as he could. She screamed as she came and dug her nails into his chest.

He groaned and slammed into her several more times and then growled as his cock erupted, cum filling her pussy squirt after squirt. She ground her hips against him and clenched her pussy muscles, milking him dry. Jim emptied every ounce of cum he had and leaned down over her, panting.

They began to kiss when they heard the ding of the elevator. They both panicked and grabbed for her blouse. She was throwing it on as he tucked his half hard cock back into his pants and stepped to cover the view of her. The elevator swished open and was empty. They both breathed a sigh of relief and started laughing.


Taking that as a sign, they got dressed quickly and got into the car to leave. Susan sat down and sniffed, the car had that special smell only new cars have. It was totally immaculate inside.

“Hey. . .?” She started.

“Ay?” Jim replied, still trying to control his heart beating out of control.

“When did you get this?”

“The car?”

“Yesterday?” she asked.

“Ay. I know this chick. . .she really likes Mustangs.” He said and winked.

“Damn birds. Don’t they always go for the new cars?” She asked.

“Jim looked at her questioningly and then looked at the hood. A big white glob on the hood where she had sat. They both laughed. “Fuckin birds.” He said.

“Damn birds,” she agreed.