6 Secrets to being the nice guy women want

Okay so you’re a nice guy – most people are. So what?

Being nice is not enough, while it’s great that you’re genuinely nice, you also need to be interesting.  Unfortunately most of the time nice-guy equates to a wimp or friend-zoned in the minds of many people.  So what does that mean, do I need to be a jerk instead?

Believe me:  you don’t have to be a jerk to attract women!  Believe it or not, women do not like jerks or aggressive men, what they’re really attracted to is the challenge and intrigue.  That’s all.  You can be interesting, challenging and still a nice person without having to be a jerk. Just be yourself but keep in mind these significant things can make a difference between a regular nice guy and a successful one.


  1. Women love a challenge

Women love a man who is a challenge, the quickest and easiest way I know to let a woman know YOU are the guy  she should be pursuing is to let women know you are successful with women. Be a nice guy but also desirable.


  1. Complement her

A very effective way to approach a woman and Spark her attraction for you is by giving her a compliment on her looks.  Just be careful because if done wrong you can end it before it even starts.  Just try to find something you really think is special, different about her in a nice way.


  1. Be assertive

As a nice guy, not being assertive doesn’t mean that you have to wait for madam perfection to drop into your lap. You have to take some initiative, be self-confident but not cocky and show some real honest interest in something about the woman you want to date.


  1. Romance her

Do you know that the best-selling genre of books in the world is romance novels… because women LOVE romance.  If you are not the kind of guy that reads poetry or is able to talk about the moon the stars and the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass, don’t do it I’ll just look unnatural.  But for Pete’s sakes do not talk about sports or politics. Instead try taking your date to a romantic place,   picking her a nice flower, maybe enjoying some good music or even touching her hand in a very delicate way.


  1. Listen

There’s a reason we all have two ears and only one mouth, we were meant to listen more than speak.  Do you want her to listen to you? Then you first must listen carefully to her when she needs to be heard. The most effective way to be interesting is by asking questions and listening. Don’t talk only about you.

Keep in mind that often, not always, but quite often when a woman tells you about a problem she’s experiencing, she’s not looking to you for a solution. What she’s often looking for is comfort and reassurance knowing that you are there for her.


  1. Interest

One of the most important things in the dating scene is interest. You need to approach women that are interested in dating and that seem to be interested in you. Don’t try to sell a house to someone that is looking for a boat per say. Likewise don’t waste your time with women that are still affected by their EX, you don’t want to be just a shoulder to cry on.


With that said you only live once so live your life well

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